Ramona Sakiestewa

Artist & Designer

Born and raised in the American Southwest, Ramona taught herself to weave by evolving and adapting techniques derived from prehistoric pueblo weavings. Her world-renowned work now includes tapestry, clayprints, works on paper, and collaboration projects with architects and product designers.

Whether art, interiors, or products, her colorful and sophisticated work repurposes an ancient aesthetic to meet modern interests.

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Sakiestewa is renowned for her tapestries and works on paper – clever compounds of postmodern critical method, highly individuated abstract language, and her culture’s ritual imagery. Her watercolors frequently serve as starting points for her highly regarded architectural and site work.

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From the beginning of many significant architectural projects, Ramona Sakiestewa has served as a key member of the design team. More than any other single person, she was responsible for the Native spirit of the National Museum of the American Indian.

Working with the project architects, Ramona has designed key elements of the American Indian Cultural Center, The Tempe Center for the Arts, and the Komatke Health Center.


Collaborations have been a major part of Ramona’s art career. In addition to one-of-a-kind art making she has taken pride in designing for unique institutions and companies. Each project was a special set of circumstances that challenged her technical weaving acumen and design skills.

Ramona by Ramona

Carefully Crafted With Native American Spirit.

Ramona has redefined Native American art. Her work is modern and relevant while still respecting the ancient meanings of her roots. Now Ramona is seeking the right partners to translate her original and powerful designs onto products for people to enjoy every day, believing it’s the delicate details that make our lives so much richer.