Ramona’s Chaco cup was nominated for Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards 2018 in the Tabletop category.

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The idea for these cups predates my involvement with the Maxwell Museum’s Chaco Heritage project, but the project and related show were a perfect time to produce and release the cup. I have always been infatuated with the contours and decorations of ceramic vessels from Chaco. The cup’s shape is based on drinking vessels found at Chaco, and I have reinterpreted Chaco ceramic patterns for the pattern on the handle. Working from my sketches, my husband engineered the mug on the computer. We made the prototype on a 3D printer. Molds were made from the 3D printed model by a boutique ceramic studio in the USA, who then cast a limited edition of 100 mugs from the molds. Each mug has my laser etched signature.