Just for Fun

Ramona believes strongly in “trying it all”! She and her son participated together in Santa Fe Indian Market for over fifteen years and have collaborated in fine art print work. Oog and his friends grew out of their earlier collaborations. Oog, the name her young son gave all frogs, has stuck in the family vocabulary.


The Canyon Tree Frog is found in the Four Corners States and all the way down into Mexico as far south as Oaxaca. They vary in color from brown to brown – grey, usually trying to match their environment. They settle near sources of water in semi arid habitats. Oog is the name my son gave to all frogs as a small child.

Oog is the sage thinker and uses divinatory sherds to answer questions. He likes to travel and see the world.


The Common Collared Lizard is found throughout the southwest. Their distinct collar gives them the name. They are known to stand and run on their hind legs, looking like a small dinosaur. They have a large head and powerful jaws. They are very territorial with other male collared lizards.

Mezcal is a warrior and character of “action.” He is a sidekick to Oog on their adventures and trips. He carries a sun shield and yucca spear that has a sharp end and a soft end. The soft end he can use to write messages on surfaces.


The Kangaroo Rat is native to the Western US and Northern Mexico. They hop like a kangaroo, as far as 6 feet. They are primarily seed eaters and burrowers, collecting and storing as many seeds as possible.

Japita (pronounced Ha-pita) is a friend and ally to Oog and Mezcal. She is a pragmatic problem solver, using her magic turquoise stone to help out her friends. Turquoise is the color representing North and Spring, uniting sky and earth. She found her stone on one of her forays for seeds and it assists her in creative problem solving.

Oog and Mezcal are ready for their next adventure! Stay tuned on Ramona’s Instagram!